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Hannah Brooks welcomes you to 2OPINIONATED.

2OPINIONATED was created by Hannah Brooks and Olya Bell in 2011 to share out thoughts on fashion, branding and the future of shopping.

Much of their mis-spent youth was spent debating exactly what constitutes a meaningful shopping moment and they have been in pursuit of the perfect shopping experience ever since ! This extensive research in combination with their retail and marketing backgrounds has qualified the 2OPINIONATED team to ask the question – What makes a compelling brand experience?

In examining the shopping experience “from print to purchase” 2OPINIONATED attempts to hold brands accountable for delivering on their brand promise through their execution in store and online.

“As the Pointer Sisters so aptly put it…’she works hard for the money’…so you have every right to be opinionated !”. – Hannah Brooks.

2OPINIONATED established the “5 P’s” of Shopping. We use them to evaluate current advertising and editorial campaigns and comment on how brand strategies and service affect our shopping experiences. For more information about the “5’Ps” of shopping guide check out the tab above.

At 2OPINIONATED we challenge you to share your opinions. Let us know which brands are inspiring you and which brands shopping experiences fall short of the mark.

So don’t be afraid to be opinionated and HAPPY SHOPPING!

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