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Life Changing Purchase – LCP

Tell us about yours…. We want to know what purchases changed your life recently, or for the better want of a term your favorite LCP.

Hannah Brooks:  “Our dear friend, Rodney Hinde termed the saying”Life Changing Garment” or LCG. 2OPINIONATED are going to take it one step further and claim the phrase “Life Changing Purchase” or LCP”.

Olya Bell: “I believe that you can have many Life Changing Purchases and that’s simply because the only constant in life we have is change!”

Hannah Brooks:  “Here’s my first documented LCP –  direct from the shoe department at Galeries Lafayette, Paris (A place no woman with good credit should be allowed to go unsupervised). The result – Dolce & Gabbana in Pony. They go with dresses, they go with denim – they go with me!!

Post Purchase experience: I was a tad concerned when I bought them that I wouldn’t get much opportunity to wear them till next year…fear not…I have worn them to death… a little white apparel can take them from Paris in the autumn to Sydney in the summer”.

Olya Bell:  “This was truly an impromptu purchase. With some shame, I have to admit to not knowing very much about Urban Decay until, I walked past the number 4 Best Seller stand at Sephora and was caught off guard by the perfect selection of NAKED eye colours! Needless to say I am now a devotee. I normally struggle with products with low pigment counts, they seem to be eaten up by my skin or simply slide off (and yes I always were a primer). I even started buying Black Up products, design for women of colour.

Post purchase experience: The Naked eye palette has not disappointed! I have even had people ask what eye colour I was wearing. Truly, a first for me”.

Check out Rodney’s interiors blog.

LCP Update

These D&G sunnies are a completely new sunglass look for me, the shape is very different to the styles I usually choose. I feel like they are a LCP but I have put it out to our Twitter followers to let me know if this look works for me

This is a new look for me

LCP’s Update 2 – a few LCP’s from our Facebook followers…

Rodney Hinde

another gift, this Longchamp tape measure is the ultimate accessory for the interior stylist about town…. whipping that out of my pocket to measure that lamp sure as hell beats the clunky metal number from the hardware store…. I never leave home without it

an oldie but a goodie, these D&G loafers were an unexpected purchase several years ago in London…. I loved them at first sight, but at first only wore them sporadically. But over the past 18 months they have snuck their way into weekly wardrobe category and I literally couldn’t survive without them

This is technically not an LCG…. as it was a gift, but such a perfect gift it was – another gem by Raer from Diederic Cat this scarf was my winter signature. So happy with it am I that I am quite willing to wish away the warmer months just so I can pop it on again.

LCG 3 was retrospectively identified, having been purchased before pre coinage of term LCG. Another milestone purchase from Diederic Cat these Gas jeans do more for my bum than a decade of stairmaster

LCG 2: not only Life Changing, but Life Affirming! My Armani Exchange jacket – perfectly tailored deconstruction that was made to measure quite by accident: the first jacket I have ever bought in my entire life that did not require any alterations…. and the most complimented piece of clothing I have ever owned. No matter what this jacket always works.

LCG 1: my Raer shirt from Diederic Cat my favourite default garment of all time – can save me from any fashion crisis

Thanks Rodney. Keep the LCP’s coming on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. It would soooo have to be my tan Mulberry Satchel ..followed by the matching wallet.. key ring.. passport holder and blackberry case … xx

    November 16, 2011
  2. Which one did you buy?

    November 17, 2011
  3. I am so happy that my concept of a Life Changing Garment has been embraced, and expanded upon to include all Life Changing Purchases.
    I first identified the life changing powers of a garment when I experienced a deep spiritual connection with a shirt I’d purchased. A fantastic check shirt by Italian luxury streetwear label Raer, from my favourite atelier Diederic the Cat. It was one of those pieces I wasn’t really looking for, but stumbled across. It was not my usual style, but I was strangely drawn to it. And as soon as I tried it on I experienced the simultaneous sensations of being both transformed and finally coming home.
    There is absolutely no doubt at that moment that you absolutely have to have it, regardless of the price.
    That is the first stage.
    The next stage comes with wearing the magical garment. Every time you put it on, you feel fabulous. And you wear it all the time. And each time you do you wonder: “what did I wear before you came along?”

    November 20, 2011
  4. My Chanel black satin bow headband. I bought it about 15 years ago and I always feel great in it. I’m so careful with it though, because I haven’t seen another like it in such a long time. So….like Elaine on Jerry Seinfeld…I must take into account if an event is Chanel worthy (rather than sponge worthy).

    December 4, 2011
  5. Something you still love wearing 15 years later is the ultimate definition of a LCP

    December 5, 2011
  6. Check this out tovah11. – a $68 LV condom is a new definition of sponge worthy!

    December 13, 2011

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