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YSL, Chanel or Revlon ?

Here our thoughts on the following three print ads.

YSL Shocking Mascara

Hannah Brooks:’I love, love, love this ad. It’s phenomenal for me on so many levels. Firstly, despite the fact I’m a 40-year-old woman I can still relate to this young model.Secondly, it’s all about the eyes and they look sensational (surely that’s what its all about for a mascara ad), the lashes alone are enough to make me rush out and immediately buy Shocking mascara.Thirdly, the text tells you just what you need to know and nothing else it also avoids the naff and overly technical product specifications that can often make you feel like you’re buying a pesticide than beauty product’. Verdict: PHENOMENAL ★★★★ YSL Shocking Mascara

Olya Bell: ‘I also love this ad and I instantly think of the gorgeous gold packaging that this product will arrive in! I recently purchased the product and even though my I wouldn’t call my lashes shocking I do enjoy this product. My only pet hate is using false or digital lashes to advertise mascara but YSL are not alone here. I guess its not a medical product!’ Verdict: PHENOMENAL ★★★★ YSL Shocking Mascara

Chanel – Perfection Lumiere Foundation

Hannah Brooks – ‘Much as it truly pains me to be critical of Chanel this ad misses the mark for me on a few levels. I especially take offence to  the tag line claims that “perfection has never been so simple”…please…much as French women make it look effortless we all know perfection takes lots of hard work.  I love the drama of the slick  pony tail, however the shadow on the image somewhat takes away from my ability to determine actually how flawless this fluid make up actually is. The composition of this ad (two pages) really doesn’t work for me. the product just looks a little plonked on the second page (interestingly I think the ad works slightly better as a single page ad).’ Verdict: PALATABLE ★★★ 

Olya Bell: ‘ I am mostly seeing this print advertisement in vertical format as an in store display poster both in Luxembourg and in France. I am not quite sure of what the iphone’s colour temperature setting was on Hannah’s image but the colours look way off base for me. I know this sometimes happens with print! Frustrating! Personally I remember this ad and other than the “perfection has never been so easy” heading I can relate to this airbrushed model! I love the lighting and mood of this image. The message, product and branding are clear and memorable’.Verdict: PALATABLE ★★★  PS – Here is the same image from Chanel’s Web Page.

Revlon – Colorburst Lipgloss

Olya Bell: ‘I am not a big Revlon fan so I can’t say that I am particularly objective in my comments. My good friend Marina loves Revlon products and has bought me several to try. The products have been fine the problem for me lies with the packaging. It feels dates and reminds me of my mothers lipsticks. This ad also takes me back and not in a good kind of way! 80’s with a dash of 70’s but in 2011? I am confused!’ Verdict:Powerless ★ ★ – this ad: missed the point and was visually unappealing.

Hannah Brooks – ‘In the interests of honest disclosure I  need to confess that I’m actually the type of consumer who buys make-up just as frequently from a pharmacy as I do from a make-up counter.  Given my purchasing behaviour I feel I can speak honestly as to why this ad can be classed as powerless.Firstly,  I am 40 years old and a big Jessica Alba fan – but who would want to buy a product that makes a 30-year-old woman look like a 40-year-old woman. Call me naive but I want a product that promises to do the reverse..Finally, the copy claims the product makes your lips 5 times more shiny than “patent leather”(I am guessing a man approved this copy)…what woman wants her lips compared to patent leather…ENOUGH SAID!!!

In the book Eve-olution, published in 2000,  Faith Popcorn devotes an entire chapter to how Revlon advertising misses the point and it would appear, 11 years later, that no one at Revlon listened to  her advice’. Verdict: Powerless ★ ★

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  1. Love the YSL, hate the Chanel (please, someone take a Photoshop course at TAFE and get back to me when they’ve mastered the art of not making it look so bleedingly obvious). As for Revlon…their products are actually pretty good in terms of quality (I’m hard pressed to think of a bigger R&D budget, apart from L’Oreal) but they are usually trying so hard to appeal to the Midwestern demographic (where the big US profits are) that they often miss the style mark. The packaging is far from great, but I’ll put up with that for such a reasonable price-to-quality ratio. But why make Jessica Alba look like a Tina Arena impersonator?

    January 31, 2012
    • Hi Sally, thanks for taking the time to let us know your opinions. We totally agree with all your comments (although I’m still a fan of little Tina Arena after all these years). You might be interested to know that they have just relaunched Young Talent Time in Australia

      February 2, 2012

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