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Is this a hot trend?

Are you buying into this hot trend?

In my shopping travels I stumbled across this very interesting summer display. The Myer merchandising department had felt the need to add the title of “Hot Trend” to this strange collection of merchandise and it gave me such a giggle.

It just seemed so crazy to me… right in the middle of the busiest trading time of the year here was this incredibly lack-lustre display. This incident didn’t occur at a suburban outlet mall but in the Sydney Flagship Myer store.

The display doesn’t really say “Hot Trend” to me (unless the hot trend is wearing three bags at the same time)…and I certainly wouldn’t be trusting the trend forecasting ability of  the creator of this particular merchandising program.

I know I may come off as a bit of a hater but Australian department stores just seem so complacent, fearful of innovation and if this display is any indication –  not really in the pursuit of profits. I think they need to lift their game I too harsh????

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