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Anne Hathaway v’s Gwyenth Paltrow – Does TOD’s win?

The 2OPINIONATED girls, at present, are somewhat jaded by the continuous stream of celebrity endorsements. Celebrity endorsements are nothing new, they have been around well since the birth of Haute Couture. Over the years they have enjoyed success with icons such as Jackie Onassis and Grace Kelly.  Jackie O’s relationship with Gucci increased its international exposure as it also did for Hermes with the renamed Kelly Bag.

Why are we so cynical and confused on this issue? Often customers brand loyalty is questioned but what’s happened to celebrity loyalty? Are long associations a thing of the past? Are we too saturated by celebrity advertising endorsements and what happened to using models?

Powerless ★ ★

Palatable ★★★

Olya Bell: ‘Is the TOD’s woman having an identity crisis or has she simply been replaced? The current campaign has taken a huge jump from a conservative fur wearing Gwyneth Paltrow to a ravishing Anne Hathaway draped over a red sports car. The new campaigns colourful, strong imagery has definitely moved out of the previous realm of beige. I don’t associate TOD’s however with just one celebrity and I’m not sure if  this is their flaw or a strategy?’

Pointless minus★  (TODS – French Vogue, September 2011)

Hannah Brooks – ‘This ad offends me on so many levels…worst of all is the matronly presentation of attractive women (the shoes appear to be giving all these women kankles). Also, when you consider that  a Tod’s bag retails for over $1000 in Australia – I don’t think this ad reflects that price point. Lastly, the red carpet doesn’t look like it’s leading to the PTA meeting.

…and then… only a month later in Vanity Fair (US November 2011),  TOD’s new campaign features Anne Hathaway.  I’m confused, it seems like only yesterday we had Gwyneth Paltrow as the face of Tods…and seconds later its Anne with now Gwyneth endorsing Coach handbags. I think the public have longer memories than ‘Ad Men’ give us credit for’.

Olya Bell: ‘With the vastly different styled images I have to ask -“Who is this TOD’s woman?” One minute “she’s” an over conservatively styled Gwyneth lounging on sofas in a world of beige, and the next some awkward group perched on steps. This contrived group sit and stand with overly orchestrated positioned handbags and shoes. The problem with the image is that they aren’t cool enough for me to care about them or even question why they are not walking the red carpet. My guess would be that they added the red carpet for some colour to lift this placid image.

The image with Anne Hathaway on the other hand certainly grabs my attention. The gorgeously lush images,  photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, styled by Karl Templer and with the creative direction set by Fabien Baron, certainly hit the mark for me I do however have to pose the question –  “Could they have achieved a similar outcome with the added bonus of some continuity that with a new photographer, concept and re-style of Gwyneth?”.

The only conclusion I can draw from all these images is that the TOD’s women like to lounge and are in no hurry to go anywhere. Is the intent to have every possible woman enter a TOD’s store, lounge a little and let the handbags speak for themselves?’

Palatable ★★★

Hannah Brooks– ‘This ad is a direct contrast to the September issue ad.  Anne Hathaway looks incredibly sexy and the ad is oh so lush – but in all honesty I don’t think its enough to inspire me to buy a Tod’s bag (especially considering last months soccer mom ad). The ad caught my attention but I am confused by the brand.

PS: Just to let you know I’m relatively short –  so no matter how inspirational the ad is I don’t think a driving moccasin is a good look for me. What are your thoughts Olya?

Our question to you is… can the soccer mum and the hollywood starlet co-exist under the same brand banner?

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