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Harry Winston – Aspiration v’s Accessibility

Marilyn Monroe was an advocate for “diamonds being a girls best friend” – however we doubt she would have rushed over to Harry Winston based on the images from the new advertising campaign.

HARRYWINSTON.COM describes the Harry Winston Legacy as “rare”, “exceptional”,”timeless,” and “a jeweler to the stars.” When we think Harry Winston; we picture Rachel Zoe frolicking through the archives looking for pieces for one of her star clients to wear to the Oscars.

Two Images from the Advertising Campaign. (Left image P125, US Harper’s Bazaar, November 11)

‘We have a few international jewelry houses in Australia (Tiffany, Cartier, Bvlgari)but as yet we don’t have Harry Winston. When you visit the Harry Winston website you can see some really exceptional and breathtaking jewelry. At one stage the company owned the Hope Diamond. Reading about the brands inspirational history in the “Our Story” tab made us struggle to understand why the brand has taken this tact in its current campaign.  There appears to be a few mixed messages in the Harry Winston marketing communications, including…

  • Firstly, I question the use of the Traffic collection in the first image. You don’t need to be 2OPINIONATED to see that the Traffic collection is much more commercial than it is “exceptional”
  • The model Freja Beha Erichsen, is styled in a way that makes her look barely old enough to vote, not sophisticated enough to be a trust fund baby or have the means to buying significant pieces of jewelry (she is actually 24).  Secondly, models are usually styled in a way that they look older and more sophisticated and not make us question if she should be getting married.The wedding night might be a bit of a scare for her!
  • It’s hardly an image of wedded bliss…the poor girl looks positively terrified at the thought of having carbs in such close proximity to her mouth.

In my humble opinion this ad campaign looks much more appropriate for a suburban shopping mall jeweler than it does for a fine ‘jeweler to the stars’. I really don’t think you can legitimately cater to both markets and still remain true to the brands heritage’.  Hannah Brooks – Powerless ★ ★ –

In the effort to make the brand more accessible is Harry Winston doing their brand a major disservice? Do you think this ad represents a compromise for the Harry Winston brand?

Two Images from the Advertising Campaign. (Left image P125, US Harper’s Bazaar, November 11)

Are Jewelry brands hedging their bets?

‘Surely there could have been a more compelling and creative way to communicate the Harry Winston legacy to new consumers? Her fly away hairs really bother me too! Surely a bride would have her hair done for the day. This Harry Winston advertisement fails to deliver for me. I am more inspired by Harry Winston’s PR than I am this advertising campaign.

This campaign was shot by Patrick Demarchelier. I am normally a big fan of his work and associate him with iconic images. These images however don’t fall into this category. If you looks his recent advertising work or his extensive body of work you’ll start to question the advertising agency’s direction and not this amazing photographer work. See his other advertising campaigns on Fashion Gone Rouge.’ Olya Bell – Powerless ★ ★ .

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