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Xmas Day is no Excuse for Bad Fashion !

‘Hannah and I might be living in two very different hemispheres but we still face the same dilemma of choosing the perfect Christmas Day ensemble. Haven’t you ever looked back at your Xmas photos and thought what was I thinking? Rather than investing all that time in shopping for everyone else make sure you put some time aside to “love yourself” this festive season. When you are out and about window shopping for others, think a little of your self. Consider how that outfit is going to look 5 years from now, will your Xmas photos stand the test of time?” – Olya Bell.

Mannequin display, Rue de La Paix, Luxembourg.

Burberry Nova Shoe Reduced to AUS$375

‘I’m not normally drawn to Burberry but I was drawn to these shoes this afternoon (I know VB advises against them but I do love a wedge).  Am I taking the Xmas theme too far…are these shoes Christmas Chic or Christmas Eeek? Is there a reason they are on sale?’ – Hannah Brooks 

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  1. Vicky W #

    Too much Burberry tartan can be bad, but their styles are so classic! I love these!

    December 5, 2011
  2. Thanks for the feedback Vicki. I’m definitely not thinking head to toe Burberry. I thought they might add some Xmas cheer to a simple black dress

    December 5, 2011

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