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James Franco Man About Town for Gucci – Something for Everyone?

…a mans’ man or is this one for the ladies?

Clearly our 2OPINIONATED discussions on men’s fragrance have hit a raw nerve. Thanks for sharing all your varied opinions on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. Since “75% annual fragrance sales are made in November & December” (Fragrance Foundation UK) we thought this topic is especially relevant now.

‘In the UK “51% of women claimed to have bought fragrance as a gift for their partner and 34% of men “usually” get fragrance as a gift “ which makes us question the target audience for Male Fragrance campaigns.’ – Olya Bell

‘Just to add fuel to the fire, Gucci appears to have taken a different tone with this new James Franco campaign. James Franco has been the face of Gucci fragrances since 2008 but the recent ads seem like a bit of departure; especially when compared to his previous campaigns for Gucci. Perhaps this relates to their announcement of Franco as the face of Gucci Bespoke Suits. This new initiative is being rolled out progressively around the world “starting November 2011 to become available in 11 select Gucci boutiques by the end of the year: Milan, Rome, Paris, London, New York, Beverly Hills, Tokyo (Ginza & Shinjuku), Hong Kong, Beijing, Sydney”.- Hannah Brooks

‘I am absolutely loving everything Gucci is doing at the moment with the exception of this current James Franco ad and the Sydney flagship store Koala window display we featured in an earlier 2OPINIONATED post “Call the SPCBH Again – Gucci goes gaga in it’s Global Expansion”. I can’t help wondering (thanks to everything I have learnt from the 2OPINIONATED followers) if this campaign was designed to appeal to men buying fragrance for themselves. Perhaps I don’t get it because I’m not the target audience.To me this image comes across as a straight, George Clooney like persona, specifically designed to appeal to mens men’. – Hannah Brooks

‘Firstly Hannah, you do know that I am a big George Clooney fan!  I do think that James Franco is an interesting choice, however I prefer the previous edgier images shot for by fashion photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for the Gucci by Gucci SPORT pour Homme, than the current cinematic bespoke suit images shot by Nathaniel Goldberg. It is by no means a criticism of the beautiful images but more a comment on the marketing strategy that doesn’t appeal to me as a consumer.They might be targeting older men rather than women for the bespoke suit range and I guess that starting at £1900 this would be their target customer. Who purchases your suits?’ – Olya Bell

So why did they choose Franco? “James Franco is perfect for this fragrance and perfect for Gucci,” the brand’s creative director, Frida Giannini, tells WWD. “He personifies the sort of nonchalance and unforced appeal that is most attractive in a man. In the advertising campaign, he captures the fragrance’s casual, modern and masculine air.” Do you agree?

As an interesting aside: “Retail fragrance sales are expected to hit $5.5 billion this year in the U.S” alone. In  2011, year to date, there were “1,200 new fragrances launched” of which “766 of them were women’s scents, 305 were men’s and 129 were unisex”! I am interest to know how do you make an impact in this huge market with so many existing fragrances out there already.

Are you purchasing new fragrances or do you have signature fragrances that you stay loyal to year after year? This year I bought the new Fendi fragrance called Fand di Fendi  based on the bottle, oh and I did also love the scent. I had not seen any advertisements until I went onto their website today which I have to say I loved (just as an aside).’ – Olya Bell

‘The only new fragrance I bought this year was Narciso Rodriguez “for her”. We don’t have Sephora in Australia so whenever I’m in Europe I tend to go a bit crazy in their stores. To be honest, I think my purchasing decision was based more on enjoying the Sephora experience than actually being influenced by any particular ad campaigns. I love this fragrance and the scent is a big departure from my usual fragrance choices’….so thanks for getting me out of my comfort zone Sephora.’ – Hannah Brooks

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  1. Jaycee #

    Always nice to see James Franco …
    Always up to get any mags with him on the cover but Gucci is not for young guys really..

    December 26, 2011

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