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LCP – Music Makes me Happy but not Bose!

I have had a Bose sound system for over 4 years now and during a move the power cord was damaged. For over a year I have tried to order a new cord! I have contacted Bose, I even placed orders with two stores and payed deposits to ensure they order it! A year on and I still have had no success with either of the stores or Bose. Apologetically one of the suppliers have informed me that Bose was unlikely to fulfilled the order since there is a new power cord adaption. Star Service from Bose? – I don’t think so!

Not to be without music, whilst researching a replacement home sound system, I bought a Moshi BassBurger as a temporary solution. I have to say it has been fabulous! It is inexpensive and ideal for traveling with as it fits into the palm of my hand and has a great sound. It is quite amazing considering its size! I do however have to fight my husband for it! I think I might now buy myself the double!

Friends who have heard it have all gone away and bought one. A good friend was unable to but the Moshi BassBurger because it was out of stock bought the X-minII she also loves!

So why is it a LCP? It has surprisingly amazing sound for its size, its compact, travels well and recharges from my computer and it doesn’t drain power off my iphone when I use it! Now I can have music where ever I am!

Just incase you want one in Australia it retails for $29.98 buy online at or for overseas stockists information contact Lomis International. It is actually an Australian product due to be launched in the US shortly.

An alternate similar product is the X mini II capsule speaker

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