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Karl Mania – We don’t think so!

What’s so funny?

We’re all for having fun with fashion but at 2OPINIONATED we felt that this recent collaboration between Net-A-Porter and Karl Lagerfeld was filled with contradictions…


‘I received a notification from Net a Porter informing me of Karl Lagerfeld’s new collection. I love Net a Porter and use it frequently, so I check out the email link that they sent me. After watching the video I was perplexed thinking it was an April fools joke and then I had a strong negative reaction to the video. Was I only the one who thought it was not cool and also not funny?

These are certainly not sentiments that I would associate with Karl Lagerfeld and it certainly didn’t evoke any Karl mania! I spoke with Hannah on this subject and my first two questions were: “what did you think and secondly who is the PR agency that did this?” In a world where viral videos are key in marketing and advertising brand messages, this one sadly disappoints. My perception of Karl Largerfeld is that he is aloof, incredibly creative and a fashion icon. This video does not evoke any of these images! We all know that Marc Jacobs had his collection stolen but is Karl trying to cash in on this media hype too? Being an Australian the only way that adequately describes this is “try hard”.It is incredibly disheartening especially when I can only guess the budget they had to play with’ – Olya Bell

‘Where do I start? Sometimes you can try too hard to be clever.

In a recent WWD article, Net-a-porter’s managing director Alison Loehnis explained the strategy in saying “We set about creating a multiplatform campaign that celebrated the iconic figure of Karl Lagerfeld in a way that was intended to be fun and entertaining.” I like to think that I have a great sense of humour, but in this case…I really don’t get the joke! I know that Karl Lagerfeld has previously collaborated with the likes of H&M but surely this clip is just way too tacky for both Net-A- Porter and the man himself.  It’s Karl Lagerfeld’s new line , he has served as Creative Director for the likes of Chloe, Fendi and Chanel. When he launches something new we’re already excited – KL doesn’t need to resort to a gimmick to get our interest .’Powerless ★ ★Hannah Brooks

PS. Being open minded we decided to try to download the app and yes we have to admit this was fun… but that is where we draw the line.

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