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Another LCP – Best Strapless Bra Ever

Our apologies to all the 2OPINIONATED male readers who may not understand the true significance of this post. To give you some context…for most women…discovering a comfortable strapless bra that actually gives you good shape is up there with the discovery of penicillin .

So without further adieu (drum role please)…introducing the Fine Lines Memory Strapless Bra.

This bra retails in Australia for $44.95 and is available in black and nude. So what’s so good about it?

This is why I love it:

  • Converts 4 ways, regular, strapless, halter and cross over – so I can wear it with any neckline.
  • Memory foam cups conform to your shape and give you the desired lift and shape.
  • This bra offers great coverage, creating a bandeau appearance with an ultra -smooth silhouette.
  • Damping straps on the side of the bra make you feel extra-supported and give a clean line through the side view.
  • No silicone for superior comfort …unlike most strapless bras this one does not dig in.

‘Finally my life-time search is over. I have a thing for strapless dresses but with big boobs and a narrow back strapless bras don’t have a thing for me. This bra is super comfortable, super supportive and gives you a shape that is unheard of with other strapless bras’. – Hannah Brooks

“I’m excited about trying it! I have been looking for stockists outside Australia but unfortunately the link on the Fine Lines Lingerie website doesn’t seem to work. I have emailed then with a request of their stockists outside Australia and will keep you posted!’ – Olya Bell

What has been your best bra buy?

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