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I have a beauty secret to declare!

Virginity soap – the ultimate LCP

Well you heard it here first girls. Finally a beauty product that not only unclogs your pores, it can also restore your hymen and if we’re to believe the tagline “You’ll be satisfied with the results” !

You can imagine my surprise when I opened my bag on returning from my last trip to Europe to find a cake of Virginity Soap sitting on top of all my Paris purcahses. Olya had slipped it into by bag when I wasn’t looking. Being single….I’m not entirely sure what statement Olya was trying to make about my morals. I suppose I’m lucky that I have the sort of friend who wants to share the beauty secrets of the world rather than one who wants to transport Class A drugs. I thought the Laduree macaroons that I was smuggling in for presents were potentially my greatest source of embarrassement at customs. I almost had my own Bangkok Hilton moment when I declared that I had ‘packed my own bag’.

We attended a Catholic school together and I’m sure the nuns of St Clares would have instilled the vitues of this product had they known of its existence. I suspect Olya may have actually re-gifted this treasure and that we really should attribute the discovery of Virginity Soap to Kimberly Horan’s (@travelstylista) and her travels around the Middle East.

I haven’t tested it yet but I expect it will make for an interesting product review. It could be the best Life Changing Purchase (LCP) ever – I’ll get back to you! – Hannah Brooks

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