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Do tweens want to wear the same labels as their mums?

Playing dress up – Witchery 8fourteen

Is Witchery really appealing to the “next generation” in launching a new range for 8-14 year-olds, labelled 8fourteen? Have a closer look at  the 8fourteen range at

When we were teens we wouldn’t even walk down the street with our Mums…let alone wear their clothes. We’re wondering if this is a shrewd move by Witchery or a total strategic miscalculation like the launch of their menswear range in 2009 (see clip below) ?

It’s interesting to hear the Gruen Transfer’s analysis of the effectiveness the Witchery Men’s 2009 campaign

Sure, we know this generation of teens are much more respectful of their parents but surely fashion is still an extension of their own identity – not that of older generations.

Using the winner of Australia Nest Top model Montana Cox as the campaigns “big sister” (young persons speak for spokesmodel) is a great choice – but we don’t know if that will be enough to get Witchery over the line on this one.

Are we being way too cynical…what are your thoughts…can a brand be truly multi-generational?

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  1. There are several levels of answers to this question…
    1: if you enjoy are particular label that you wear it is great for one stop shopping, an example of this is Polo for men, women and children ( very boring yet practical clothes .. polo shirts and chino shorts) especially if your wallet is big enough to buy outrageously expensive children’s wear.
    2: A case in point is Seed clothing, it started as a label for baby and children – great quality, good designs blah blah blah… as a mum some of the clothes I bought my daughter were so cute, practical and fashionable some items i would occasionally sigh … I wish it came in my size. Personally I never entertained this as i think matching mum and daughter outfits are a little creepy … but hey go to the park…or some playgroups.
    3. Dressing girls is not easy and that age group is very tough … I can only remember my experiences – too big for girl’s wear and too small for women’s wear – my mother is a very fashionable and stylish woman so she was aware of this dilemma, back then there were no choices for tweens and she could sew…solution was solved.
    4. I think the biggest dilemma for girls now is HOW to dress appropriately for your age and as mothers we should be there to guide them in a positive way.

    February 15, 2012
    • Thanks for the insigtful commentary Marcella. We totally agree with the Polo reference, they definitely seem to get away with it. As for Seed I had no idea that they started just doing kidswear – it makes sense when I think about the name. I do find that their womenswear very closely resembles the Witchery range. Perhpas they are filling a gap in the market …we will have to wait and see. I certainly know that surf brands have had a tough time remaining multi-generational and have had to make acquisitions of smaller independant labels to keep themselves relevant with the younger generations.

      February 15, 2012

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