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Intervention Required! Readers Please HELP!

‘Dear readers,

As fabulous and stylish as my dear friend Hannah is I realised it’s time for an intervention. Yes… a sunglass intervention! In writing our previous story I went through and did an autopsy on my sunglass collection to discover it to be healthy (varied and substantial). Hannah and I were originally thinking of including photos. When I saw Hannah’s photos I knew… it was time! They all look pretty much the same! Yes, I know that there are minor but important detail differences but in essence they do all look pretty much the same! (see pics below)

Should Hannah stretch herself out of her comfort zone or just adopt it as a signature look like Giorgio with his black t-shirts and Karl and his sunnies? Please don’t misinterpret my plea as a case of Hannah making bad sunglass decisions but she is definitely in a rut and who better than us to set her right 🙂

I leave the answer in your capable hands…. or are you also in a sunglass rut?’- Olya Bell

Click this link to our facebook page and show Hannah how it’s done with some good sunglass pics…

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  1. What are the second pair of sunglasses? Loving them.

    April 19, 2012

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