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Bridal wars…We’ve lost that loving feeling

Have you ever lost your will to shop..

Has someone ever taken this precious gift from you?

Just like these women from the film Bride Wars, David Jones and Myer are involved in a pointless battle online.

I am currently having a few back issues, so when I started shopping for a wedding present for a friend, I began my search on the sofa.  Armed with both a Gift Registry card and my iPad I began to surf the Myer site . (Screenshots included below)

I typed in my friends registry details to discover that the site doesn’t work on my iPad…Damn. I can’t upload the registry list no matter how many times I type the registry number and name in (it later works on my PC). Perhaps, at this stage I actually need to quantify  just how bad my back pain is – the dress code for this wedding is formal and I am actually considering wearing flat shoes!!!

Clearly I don’t want leave the sofa so I then pick up my iPhone and use the Myer mobile site only receive a message saying that they cannot find the page I’m looking for (see below):

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The  Wall Street Journal estimates that Apple has already sold 500, 000 iPads in Australia, so at this I’m having difficulties understanding why Myer would make this part of their site unusable to their more affluent/technology enabled customers. Myer offers two Apple App’s of which I no longer have any incentive to download after this initial experience. A recent American study cited in Luxury Daily  found that iPad uses makeup 64% of mobile shopping sessions and have a conversion rate of 1.5% compared to that of 0.5% for other mobile devices. So what is Myer thinking????

Frustrated my this experience I’m now intending to take my business elsewhere, so I visit the competitors site (David Jones) only to learn that I can’t actually buy online from the gift  registry from either website!

In this day and age I still have to email, fax (who still uses a fax) or call (have you tried to call a department store lately…good luck!)  to make a purchase from a wedding registry. The whole experience had left me frustrated, as if I was walking around an empty Department Store floor hopelessly trying to find someone to take my money. Why would you replicate your poor in store experience online ? It’s crazy…I couldn’t be a more “qualified lead” for the retailer, I have a strong intent to purchase, yet I am about to take my business to another store (most likely offshore),  simply because they can facilitate simple online transactions.’- Hannah Brooks.

‘Shopping for that perfect gift takes time and dedication. I have also had frustrating experiences shopping online in Australia and New Zealand. I am evidence that we live in a global economy and I am often buying gifts for friends that live in different parts of the world. I am surprised that the majority of Australian online department store sites only cater to the local market.

Recently, I painfully purchased Hannah a blender from an Australian department store online. I would say that I am a relatively seasoned and experienced online shopper but the David Jones site was way too confusing and painful for me to buy from. I ended up purchasing from Myer purely because it was the lesser of two evils. During the purchasing process I was not given any delivery options, gift wrapping or any add-on purchase options! Even after purchasing I still had no real idea as to when Hannah would receive her blender.

The date for the blender was very important! In anticipation of our trip to Hawaii with Kimberly and I needed Hannah to perfect her Mai-tai recipe!

Needless to say that online shopping has a long way to go in Australia and Europe. Departments stores like, Saks Fifth Avenue,  Liberty, Harrods, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Harvey Nichols not only ship internationally but they also let you shop on your mobile device.

Regardless of why we purchase online as customer we just want it to be easy, safe, fast and informed with just enough add-on options, just like so may things in life!’ – Olya Bell

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  1. Great Stuff, do you have a facebook profile?

    June 6, 2012

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