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A 2Opinionated Aloha from Hawaii

The state style forgot !

2OPINIONATED are just back from a trip to Hawaii and we can honestly say that  if you’re expecting to see anything like the Chanel 2013 Cruise Collection below on your next  visit to the 50th state you will be terribly disappointed.

We were in Hawaii with @travelstylista on a Mai Tai and fashion fact-finding mission and we were pretty much the most fashionable people in every room, mall and/or cabana for the entire time we were there. If you think we’re being egotistical in this regard, please bear in mind that we were constantly being asked by people if we were going to a wedding (a national Hawaiian pastime), when we were actually just walking home from the beach.

The Hawaiian people are beyond lovely, the Hawaiian landscape is spectacular but we all found it difficult to get our heads around how a city like Honolulu, which has so many luxury flagship stores could end up being such a fashion wasteland. In a trip to Hawaii you will encounter elasticized waistbands, dodgy swimwear and velcro sandals as far as the eye can see (but unfortunately no Mu Mu’s !)

It’s not that we’re judgemental…it’s just that it seemed like such a missed opportunity for people to showcase their latest 2012 resort wear…where was it all hiding?

In the end we made the most of the Hawaiian experience. As these photos indicate, we even adopted some time-honoured local customs such as outlet shopping and cocktails before noon. As the saying goes…when in Rome!

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Stay tuned for more posts from “the state style forgot” @ www.2OPINIONATED.COM.

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  1. You guys look like you had such a good time.

    I don’t remember Hawaii as a fashion mecca either. lol.

    June 14, 2012
    • We had a great time. Mai Tai’s and serious shopping – who could ask for more !

      June 19, 2012

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