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The Seven Million Dollar Man

Last year our men’s fragrance posts caused quite a stir so 2OPINIONATED just couldn’t let this one pass. Brad Pitt was reportedly paid $7 million for these commercials… #moneywellspent for Chanel?

The campaign was shot by Joe Wright who has worked with Chanel since 2006. Brad Pitt looks in desperate need of a shower and just when you thought men’s fragrance campaigns couldn’t get any worse Chanel proposes this ad  as a call to action to buy Chanel No. 5

2OPINIONATED RATING – Pointless minus

To be fair this  ad isn’t actually for men’s fragrance. In this campaign Chanel are the first brand to examine whether a male lead could be used to sell a women’s fragrance. Given the execution here… my answer would be a resounding  NO! – Hannah Brooks

and Part 2 of the campaign isn’t much more compelling

The only thing that appears INEVITABLE about this Chanel campaign is that a celebrity was paid way too much money to be an unconvincing brand ambassador.

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