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We’re having an early start to summer here in Sydney and as the temperature is rising, so too is my concern for mental health of Sydney’s well- heeled . I know all our American and European 2OPINIONATED readers have already lived through the horror of a summer of orthopaedic sandals-  but I was kind of hoping that Australian consumers would’ just say no’ to this hideous trend.

CELINE, MARNI, thongs of a thousand fingers, Birkenstocks or the dreaded Crocs, I can’t tell the difference. As Joan, Kelly, Giuliana and George from ‘Fashion Police’ would say – MAKE IT STOP !

Shoes are one of gods most precious gifts to women and women should use this gift wisely. It’s my personal belief that shoes should make you look better, taller, thinner, or more elegant and not like you have had surgery and recently removed the cast (this could be a bit rich coming form someone who used to wear clogs).

The clip below scares me even further as it looks like this footwear phenomenon is set to continue through till next summer.

MARNI Resort and Evening Collection 2014

I know you’re all going to have strong opinions on this one. Have I got it all wrong? Rather than being a ‘fashion fail’ should orthopaedic shoes be my next ‘LCP’ (Life Changing Purchase)?


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  1. The Dr. Scholl’s shoes look like an accident just waiting to happen. Also, for being ugly, they don’t look very comfortable. lol.

    October 18, 2013
    • I had a pair as a kid and I remember them being very uncomfortable. Apparently they were good for you!

      October 19, 2013

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