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My close friend Rodney Hinde has often made the comment that resort wear is my particular style niche. I suppose it’s true…I really get this category and I do take my holiday wardrobe pretty seriously. It’s quite probable that I dress much better for my annual holiday than I ever do in everyday life.

I guess I work well with a theme!

So a change of tone I thought I would share some of favourite pieces from the Australian resort collections. Starting with my new favourite Life Changing Purchase…(LCP)

photo (2)

To suggest this selection is from the”collections” may appear be a tad grandiose. This hat, is actually from a local chain store called Sportsgirl. At  29.95 its a total steal and its going to work extremely well with my colour theme for Bali.

My most recent Resort LCP is my linen Palazzo Pant from Country Rd. I’m loving them, so if you’re looking for a pant with serious ‘flare’ and ‘flair this summer – then follow this link COUNTRY RD PALAZZO PANT.

photo (3)

I think you need to picture me poolside (cocktail in hand) with a turban and my favourite wedges really get the potential of this look. Also, please bear in mind that I’m a huge fan of beach jewellery.

photo (4)

WedgesIf you find holiday dressing challenging then get some guidelines from this clip –  Country Rd teaches you how to pack for a holiday. My tips are far more extensive and I’ll post them up post Bali. In the mean time this clip can serve as an introduction to Holiday Dressing 101.

I would be seriously remiss if I didn’t post a link to the creator of one of my ultimate Life Changing Resort Purchases (LCRP), my Camilla Frank kaftan, seriously #moneywellspent ! If you haven’t spotted any of Camilla’s work in your jet setting this year then visit her site here CAMILLA KAFTANS.

You may think a kaftan is the resort wear equivalent of a one hit wonder let me tell you – nothing could be further from the truth! To find out just how versatile a kaftan can be on holiday  – watch this video.

For years Australian swimwear brands produced a summer range for an August/September release and perhaps a ‘second summer’ for a November release. Locally, we have however seen a trend to ‘off season’ collections becoming increasingly important.  As the concept of ‘seasonality’ as such has less and less meaning, cruise collections, resort wear, holiday collections…or whatever you want to call them have become a stable revenue steam, particularly for Australian labels with an export focus.

So on that theme…I thought I would finish up with a clip from one of Australia’s favourite resort wear exports, Zimmermann.

I hope this post has provided you with some fashion inspiration for your next getaway.

Here’s hoping that the looks I’m picturing in my head actually come together in real life. For now, I’m Bali bound. I will post photos of my personal holiday edit to the 2OPINIONATED Instagram account for all our followers expert appraisal. #hansholidayedit


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