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The results are in… did you love it, did you find it lukewarm or did it leave you cold?

…67% of 2OPINIONATED followers ‘love’ the 2013 Autumn/Winter Jimmy Choo campaign featuring Nicole Kidman, as featured below.

Given that we’re always 2OPINIONATED, I thought I would share my opinions on these images by Mickael Jansson.

  1. I LOVED – The fact that Jimmy Choo have resisted the urge to use some young dolly bird in the campaign. It’s refreshing to see that the brand chose to use a 46 year old woman and challenge the idea of how a woman in her 40’s should be perceived. It’s positive brand messaging…after all who buys Jimmy Choo shoes anyway?
  2. I’M LUKEWARM – about the power of the images themselves. For me there’s no call to action, no I have gotta have it desire to purchase any of the Fall/Winter 2013 Jimmy Choo collection when I view these images – and surely that’s the ultimate objective of any campaign?
  3. Nicole Kidman’s dodgy red wig LEAVES ME COLD –  In my opinion its much more Austin Powers than it is luxury branding!

All in all I would give this campaign a 2OPINIONATED rating of

Palatable ★★★  

Hannah Brooks

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  1. Sorry, I’m underwhelmed with the whole campaign. Just not that great.

    November 30, 2013

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