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Loving Lanvin


Another example of Parisian perfection.

I absolutely loved these Lanvin windows. Bold, bright and beautiful – such a simple concept, executed to perfection.

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All in all… a total call to action. I’m feeing the purchasing power of these displays.


The Power of Paris


Let’s face it – there is no other city in the world quite like Paris. Nothing compares to wandering the streets of Paris if you’re seeking to be seriously inspired !

For luxury brands; the brands actual ‘country of origin’ is intrinsically linked to the brand personality and ultimately has a significant impact on the brands ongoing campaign development. 2OPINIONATED has often examined how effective leading brands are in delivering on their ‘print to purchase’ experience and over the next few weeks I’m going to share my in-store experiences from my recent trip to France.

Many moments from my trip to Paris inspired me, several moved me and some moments made me question the strategies of some of the worlds most recognisable brands.


What’s not to love about the Dior display below?

Look closely and you will see that the handbags are made up entirely of Dior lipsticks (simple, yet effective). I love the way this display cleverly combined two of the Dior’s key merchandise categories, visually it actually drew you in from the other side of the street and it was seriously interesting to observe how consumers interacted with the display.

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This display comes on the tail end of the Dior Rouge Fall/Winter 13/14 Campaign featuring Natalie Portman as seen below.

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 10_24_33 PM

to find out more about the making of this campaign please watch the clip below

This Paris moment indicated to me that there were true synergies between all the consumer touch points with the Dior brand. This window display and the corresponding print campaign truly speaks to the well-known fact that – a new red lippy can change your mood…make your day…or change your life!

In fact, Dior’s Zinnia Red Lipstick was previously featured as one of my 2OPINIONATED Life Changing Purchases (LCP).

When applying the 2OPINIONATED 5 P’s of SHOPPING; Dior delivers both in terms of personality, production value and successfully delivering on their brand promise. What’s more, in combination all these factors ultimately represented a call to action.

I’m giving this visit to the Dior Rue Saint Honore store in Paris  a rare 2OPINIONATED 5 star rating – serious purchasing power!

Perfection ★★★★★  


2OPINIONATED goes global!

Introducing our first guest editor – Faith Wignall

Our apologies – it’s been a long time between drinks. We have been spending some time thinking how we could improve the 2OPINIONATED experience and we have finally decided we need some more opinions!

Faith Wignall is the first in our new team of guest editors. Every six weeks you will hear the opinions from one of our new 2OPINIONATED experts.
‘I have known for Faith for years. She has impeccable taste, meticulous researching skills and is never short of an opinion – perfect credentials for a 2OPINIONATED crew member.’ – Hannah Brooks

This week Faith is reporting from New York. For everyone who wishes they had been in NYC for Fashion’s Night Out or covert a seat at a show at NY Fashion week…lets live vicariously through Faith! I’m sure you will look forward to Faith’s posts this week as she pursues the perfect shopping moments in NYC.

Read more

Is there any place for fine jewellery in high fashion?


Everyone seems to be getting in on the act…Chanel, Dior, Gucci and even Louis Vuitton. At 2OPINIONATED we’re asking you the question…

can fashion houses legitimately market themselves as creators of fine jewellery lines?

Shouldn’t fashion jewellery just be your fun jewellery and serious jewellery come from a real jewellery brand? Let’s face it crafting a blazer is very different to crafting a bracelet! Read more

What’s Victoria’s Secret?


While most major retailing groups are complaining about poor sales growth and a lack of customer loyalty,  Victoria’s Secret has posted like-for-like sales gains every month for the last 24 months and given that their sales for 2010 were in excess of $5.92 billion – they must be doing something right!

At 2OPINIONATED we’re always “Pursuing Perfect Shopping Moments” and we love sharing our tales from the trenches. Olya and I visited the Waikiki Victoria’s Secret store last month and we wanted to share our thoughts on why we think the brand is bucking the trend. Read more

Death in the High Street

Bye, Bye, Boutiques

Much of our 2OPINIONATED, 1980’s misspent youth was spent perusing the boutiques, restaurants and sometimes bars of Oxford St Paddington. Cast your mind back (if you can) to the absolute heyday of Paddington… it was a time when we considered it essential to allocate hours each week to researching our Saturday night outfits in the Oxford St shops. Olya and I were very fortunate during this time… not only were the best boutiques located just a stones throw away… but very conveniently, the nightclub of the moment (Paddo’s) was located around the corner from my Underwood St home.  We would tell me parents that we were heading to Oxford St for pizza…when in reality we were popping around the corner to Paddo’s for a ‘party pash” – ah to be young!

Read more

The tourist trap!

Do luxury brands reflect local culture or are they merely tourist fodder?

Our previous post Beware of the Temptation of Emerging Markets prompted some interesting questions from our readers regarding issues of brand identity and brand consistency and at 2OPINIONATED we felt that they warranted further exploration.

One of the key considerations in the luxury brand decision-making process is actually buying into the particular brands country of origin. French brands are considered timeless and chic, Italian brands are sexy and superbly crafted and American brands are fresh and uncomplicated. This factor had us pondering two things..

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Beware of the Temptation of Emerging Markets

Shopping Tales from the Colonies

The Gucci brands financial struggles of the 80’s and 90’s have been well documented. Gucci family infighting and the bastardization of the brand through excessive licensing agreements had, over time, cheapened the image of the brand in the eyes of consumers. Domenico De Sole is famously attributed for turning around the fortunes of the Gucci brand and it would be kind of ironic if Gucci had to bring Domenico De Sole back from Tom Ford – to “Do the Gucci” another time.

Where does the Gucci brand sit on your brand radar? Read more

The Cartier Mystique

The Power of the Panther

2OPINIONATED apologies for the belated announcement of our “Pick a Box” poll. The clear winner, with 55% of the votes, was Cartier. It was definitely the most favoured box to go under Christmas tree for 2011, followed by Hermes and Tiffany & Co. Surprisingly, Gucci or Louis Vuitton did not receive any votes! Is that because we all wanted jewelry for Xmas?

Cartier still manages to maintain an element of exclusivity in an era where luxury has become commonplace. We’re not sure of if it’s because Cartier never goes on sale, or if it’s because they control their distribution by only selling through their boutiques. Cartier manages to tell a consistent story across all it’s brands marketing channels, such as advertising, PR, editorial, digital marketing and in-store experience.

The Holiday 2011-2012 print campaign above plays on the traditional Cartier motifs. Below is a photograph of a Cartier advertisement circa 1950

(Click the link Read More  below to view Cartier Commercials and Store Displays) Read more

Xmas Day is no Excuse for Bad Fashion !

‘Hannah and I might be living in two very different hemispheres but we still face the same dilemma of choosing the perfect Christmas Day ensemble. Haven’t you ever looked back at your Xmas photos and thought what was I thinking? Rather than investing all that time in shopping for everyone else make sure you put some time aside to “love yourself” this festive season. When you are out and about window shopping for others, think a little of your self. Consider how that outfit is going to look 5 years from now, will your Xmas photos stand the test of time?” – Olya Bell.

Mannequin display, Rue de La Paix, Luxembourg.

Burberry Nova Shoe Reduced to AUS$375

‘I’m not normally drawn to Burberry but I was drawn to these shoes this afternoon (I know VB advises against them but I do love a wedge).  Am I taking the Xmas theme too far…are these shoes Christmas Chic or Christmas Eeek? Is there a reason they are on sale?’ – Hannah Brooks  Read more

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