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We were wondering what your opinion was on Alexa Chung for Longchamp?



The Power of Paris


Let’s face it – there is no other city in the world quite like Paris. Nothing compares to wandering the streets of Paris if you’re seeking to be seriously inspired !

For luxury brands; the brands actual ‘country of origin’ is intrinsically linked to the brand personality and ultimately has a significant impact on the brands ongoing campaign development. 2OPINIONATED has often examined how effective leading brands are in delivering on their ‘print to purchase’ experience and over the next few weeks I’m going to share my in-store experiences from my recent trip to France.

Many moments from my trip to Paris inspired me, several moved me and some moments made me question the strategies of some of the worlds most recognisable brands.


What’s not to love about the Dior display below?

Look closely and you will see that the handbags are made up entirely of Dior lipsticks (simple, yet effective). I love the way this display cleverly combined two of the Dior’s key merchandise categories, visually it actually drew you in from the other side of the street and it was seriously interesting to observe how consumers interacted with the display.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This display comes on the tail end of the Dior Rouge Fall/Winter 13/14 Campaign featuring Natalie Portman as seen below.

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 10_24_33 PM

to find out more about the making of this campaign please watch the clip below

This Paris moment indicated to me that there were true synergies between all the consumer touch points with the Dior brand. This window display and the corresponding print campaign truly speaks to the well-known fact that – a new red lippy can change your mood…make your day…or change your life!

In fact, Dior’s Zinnia Red Lipstick was previously featured as one of my 2OPINIONATED Life Changing Purchases (LCP).

When applying the 2OPINIONATED 5 P’s of SHOPPING; Dior delivers both in terms of personality, production value and successfully delivering on their brand promise. What’s more, in combination all these factors ultimately represented a call to action.

I’m giving this visit to the Dior Rue Saint Honore store in Paris  a rare 2OPINIONATED 5 star rating – serious purchasing power!

Perfection ★★★★★  




Some of the most popular 2OPINIONATED posts, like TOD’S NEEDS THERAPY  have discussed TOD’S print campaigns including the Spring/Summer 2012 campaign below.

It appears that TOD’S may have listened to our opinions as they have decided it was finally time to get off the sofa!

Anouk Lepere for Tods Ad campaign (Spring-Summer 2012) photo shoot by Laurie Bartley

At 2OPINIONATED we are delighted to see that in their Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign TOD’S has recognised that women tend to spend less time draped over a chaise lounge, with a vacant expression on their face and more time strutting their stuff.

TOD’S AUTUMN/WINTER 2013 CAMPAIGN – Shot by Michelango Batlista


It’s one small step forward for TOD’S and one giant leap forward for womankind.





As the saying goes…another day another dodgy Revlon campaign.

It’s true, 2OPINIONATED has never been particularly fond of Revlon campaigns as the previous post YSL, Chanel or Revlon will attest and I have to admit to being deeply offended when confronted with the three-story high version of the Revlon Fall/Winter 2013 campaign at my local Westfield.

Perhaps I’m easily offended but here’s the reasons why I chose to take offence:

  • Firstly, I love Emma Stone and I don’t think this campaign does her any favours at all
  • Secondly, I have a lifelong love of rubies and it saddens me to see them so cheapened
  • and thirdly I think the next generation of Revlon consumers deserve something a little bit more innovative than these trite campaigns

One of my many gigs is teaching marketing to fashion students here in Sydney Australia. In one of my lessons, we discuss as a group, Emma Stone’s first print campaign for Revlon, as seen below.

revlon-ss-2012-emma-stone-by-craig-mcdean1 Read more

There you are?

The Seven Million Dollar Man

Last year our men’s fragrance posts caused quite a stir so 2OPINIONATED just couldn’t let this one pass. Brad Pitt was reportedly paid $7 million for these commercials… #moneywellspent for Chanel?

The campaign was shot by Joe Wright who has worked with Chanel since 2006. Brad Pitt looks in desperate need of a shower and just when you thought men’s fragrance campaigns couldn’t get any worse Chanel proposes this ad  as a call to action to buy Chanel No. 5

Read more

An American in Paris


A few years ago we had all the models complaining about the actresses (I know that’s not a PC term anymore…but so be it) being awarded the most important new beauty campaigns. It’s a sign of the times… it must be hard to be a European actress these days, as all the great appointments seem to be going to American “it girls”.

We all remember the controversy when Blake Lively was appointed as ambassador for the Chanel Mademoiselle handbag line. Blake, the quintessential Californian girl was seen by many in Europe as a poor choice for a prestigious house like Chanel and in direct contrast to their previous choices of quirky European beauties like Keira Knightly.

Kristen Stewart has just been appointed the face of the new Balenciaga fragrance Florabotanica in a campaign shot by Steven Meisel (see below).

The brand had previously used the European actress Charlotte Gainsbourg has the face of its Balenciaga Paris fragrance in their 2010 campaign also shot by Steven Meisel.

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The Cartier Mystique

The Power of the Panther

2OPINIONATED apologies for the belated announcement of our “Pick a Box” poll. The clear winner, with 55% of the votes, was Cartier. It was definitely the most favoured box to go under Christmas tree for 2011, followed by Hermes and Tiffany & Co. Surprisingly, Gucci or Louis Vuitton did not receive any votes! Is that because we all wanted jewelry for Xmas?

Cartier still manages to maintain an element of exclusivity in an era where luxury has become commonplace. We’re not sure of if it’s because Cartier never goes on sale, or if it’s because they control their distribution by only selling through their boutiques. Cartier manages to tell a consistent story across all it’s brands marketing channels, such as advertising, PR, editorial, digital marketing and in-store experience.

The Holiday 2011-2012 print campaign above plays on the traditional Cartier motifs. Below is a photograph of a Cartier advertisement circa 1950

(Click the link Read More  below to view Cartier Commercials and Store Displays) Read more

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